WHO? Builds upon Tim Kane’s 20-plus years as a full-time career newspaper journalist/editorial manager and non-profit org publicity/marketing guru.

WHAT? Worcester Marketing Services offers a full service, multi-faceted approach to corporate, small business and non-profit internal and external marketing/publicity.

WHERE? Serves anywhere telecommuting in the continental US, and specializes live locally in the Greater Worcester region.

WHEN? Worcester Marketing Services is available seven days a week to assist with accessing your region’s print, radio, television and online media as well as your internal clients and prospectives.

WHY? We are not a giant marketing firm or freelancer with a flashy marketing degree you never heard of before. We grew up in Worcester and draw inspiration from our own extensive experiences in these fields and the knowledge and vast networks we have developed over decades.

HOW? Home-based production in a quick, professional, no hassle method using the latest technologies.